This is Karen and Obie…simply pull up a chair and relax to this one.

Meet Tristan. He is a 21 year old, Washington DC area native who has been involved with music since the age of five. In this video he talks about his inspiration along with some of the old school performers who helped to shape his vision. Sit back and listen as he takes you into his world and a few of the tracks he has created.

Smita is next level. She is single, owns three successful businesses and is relentless when it comes to seeking out opportunity for continued financial growth and development.
She is the definition of progress!

George and Obie…the sound is a little bit distorted as we shot this one outside and there was ton of traffic. George is a self-made man and truly a success story. He started his own construction company in his early twenties and hasn’t looked back since. We’ll have him come back for Part II and make sure that the sound quality is much cleaner.

Natalie loves to dance! After being a dancer for the Washington Wizards she launched a profitable business that focused on training and prepping other aspiring dancers. Just so happens she also owns a portion of an IT business and is developing an online health care services platform. Did I mention she is also a mom? WOW…

Harper Macaw is a chocolate factory based out of Washington, D.C. Here you have a husband and wife team who dared to venture out and develop there own exclusive brand of exotic chocolate. Colin, one half the of the duo, gives some really good input on starting a business along with some cautionary advice on how to move forward with your idea.